Granulated Onion? Huh?

Jackson Ortega-Scheiner Preparation/Serving Leave a Comment

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Hi Dr. BBQ:

I’m scanning through both of your cook books for something easy to cook for tomorrow night. BTW, both your cook books totally rock!! Anyway, I’ve kinda zeroed in on the smoked bologna. Never thought of doing that before. So…I’m off to the store to get some stuff for the creole BBQ rub and I have a question. What is granulated garlic and granulated onion?? Is this the same as garlic powder and onion powder? Also, I know you are busy as hell but when might you teach some more classes? Regards,


Hi Vic,

Thanks for the nice words. Granulated garlic and onion are a little coarser than powder and available at Sam’s Club or any good spice house or restaurant supply place. You can sub the powder. I do as many classes as I can, but find that spring is the best time to do them. I’ll probably do one out your way next spring. Hope you like the bologna.