Smoky Flavor, Please

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Q: Hi Dr. BBQ,

My name is Todd Kellam. I”m the guy who was cooking on the pit at the Blue Mist BBQ Restaurant in Asheboro N.C. in April when you were touring the BBQ restaurants of N.C. Anyway, my question is how do I get a good smoky flavor in my bbq? I”ve just bought a large cooker and I was unsure of wich type of wood to use. Should I use the small chips or the larger chunks? Or since my cooker is so big, would it be better to use the whole log? We are entering a BBQ contest soon and I could use your advice

Todd Kellam

A: Hi Todd,

Great to hear from you. I’d say start out with small chunks and work your way up to the degree of smokiness that works for you. In your area it probably won’t be much. I like a mix of 2/3 cherry and 1/3 hickory, but I also like pecan and apple. Hickory is pretty strong if used by itself. Never use mesquite!! Oak is ok too. Good luck, I wish I had some of those beautiful beef ribs you were cooking for lunch today!

Thanks for writing,