Olives and Habaneros

Habanero Nectar, Part 1


Olives and HabanerosMy friend Marco del Freo, who lives in northern Italy, is embarking on a fascinating adventure.  Marco, who owns vineyards, a winery, and olive trees, also grows chile peppers (peperoncini in Italy) and he is now making a habanero-infused extra-virgin olive oil by pressing the habaneros with the olives.  Since any olive oil that’s infused with any other substance can’t be legally called olive oil, he has decided to call it Habanero Nectar.  In anticipation of assisting him in importing it, I have formed a division of my company called Sunbelt Food Reps.  More on that soon, but here’s the process.  At left are the olives in the background and the habaneros in the foreground.


Olives and 'Fatalii'

They are mixed together (he uses both red habs and ‘Fatalii’) and ready for the pressing.

On the Conveyor Belt

On a conveyor belt and headed toward the press.

The Habanero Nectar

The final result after pressing.  To be continued….