Confessions of a Chile Addict

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By Stu Burns   Hello, my name is Stu Burns, and I’m a chile addict. I place the blame for my addiction squarely upon the genes and tongues of my parents. Hot pepper abuse ran rampant in the household where I grew up, in the tiny border town of Salsa Cruda, Texas. It was nothing for Mom and Pop to …

Romancing the Sauce, by Bob Slentz-Kesler

Romancing the Sauce

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    I am a hot sauce addict. I can never get enough. I’ll eat hot sauce anywhere, at any time of the day. I am easy, and I can’t help it. I spend many daylight hours fantasizing and daydreaming, imagining various scenarios with different types of hot sauce. Over the years, though, I’ve learned to control myself. It was …

Sliced Jalapenos


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Jalape-oh-no!   By Gwyneth Doland Editor’s Note:   Photo above by Harald Zoschke.  Photos below by Gwyneth. –Dave DeWitt On the Saturday before Labor Day I drove out to Sky City Casino at Acoma Pueblo for the 2006 World Championship Jalapeño Competition, an event attended by about 100 people, but nevertheless officially sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). …

My 10 Top Favorite Magazine Covers

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By Dave DeWitt During my 20+ years of editing magazines about chiles, spicy foods, and BBQ, I’ve been part of the various teams responsible for nearly 100 magazine covers–for both the first ten years of Chile Pepper magazine and the entire existence of Fiery Foods & BBQ magazine. Here I pick my ten favorite covers–from earliest to most recent–of both …

Ginger: The Gentle Heat

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    Both of us recall that our first experience with ginger was during childhood: tasting our mothers’ homemade ginger snaps, those spicy cookies with just a hint of a bite. It was quite a few years later that either one of us experimented with the freshly peeled root, but now all forms of ginger find their way into our …