A Chile Pepper Museum in Europe’s Headquarters of Heat

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Story and Photos by Harald Zoschke Calabria is not only the southernmost tip of the Italian boot, it is also one of the hotbeds of European chile pepper culture. So it’s no wonder that — besides plenty of traditional “hot” dishes and products — a highly popular chile pepper festival and even a museum dedicated solely to the hot pods …

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Watch Your Back, Hatch—Pueblo Chiles Are Making a Move

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By Dave DeWitt They’ve got their own Growers’ Association. They have a festival of their own: The Chile & Frijoles Festival. They have their own supermarkets: Colorado Whole Foods Market locations dumped Hatch chiles and replaced them with Pueblo chiles. And governor John Hickenlooper has even designated the last Saturday of the Colorado State Fair as Pueblo Chile Day. History …

Germination Problems

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Dave-Quick question: Been trying to start some seeds, specifically, all but the chitelpin and jolokia seeds have germinated. I use one of those small Jiffy brand seed starters with the expandable peat pellets–worked great for all my other tomato and chile seeds, but not these two. Seeds are fresh. Thought about using a heat pad? Any suggestions?? Thanks!RickHello Rick:Chiltepin seeds …

Cayenne and Asthma

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Hi Dave:My daughter as a severe case of asthma. Somewhere she says she read that cayenne pepper will help stop the asthma attack. Has she lost her mind or does she have something going there? Thanks for any information.JudyHello Judy:Some sources claim that taking 2 capsules of cayenne per day strengthens the mucosal lining of the lungs, but one doctor, …

Chile-Infused Syrup

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Dave,My husband and I recently had a "red hot passion" drink at Chambers in Minneapolis. It was the most delicious concoction of flavors I have ever had (chili-infused passion syrup mixed with Makers Mark Whiskey). We want to make this for our families at Christmas or New Years. We have tried to find a way to make our own chili-infused …