Map: Bonaire

Bonaire: In Pursuit of Pika

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By Patrick Holian    As I arrived at the Flamingo Airport on the southern Caribbean island of Bonaire, I received some bad news. I discovered that I had just missed Karnaval–a seven-day event of colorful parades, excessive libations, and full-tilt boogieing. While the island has only 15,000 residents, a local informed me that pound for pound, this celebration could compete …

Rinds ‘n Rims in Curaçao - Title photo: Willemstad

Rinds ‘n Rims in Curaçao

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Recipes: Curaçao Special Muzik di Zumbi Keshi Yena (Stuffed Cheese) Iguana Stew Stoba di Cabrito Pork Chop Sauté a la Curaçao   Willemstad, the colorful Dutch-style capital city of the Caribbean’s Netherland Antilles. Citrus peels. Cheese rinds. Tire rims. It sounds like a garbage pile, but it’s actually the components of delicious food and drink. On the Netherlands Antilles’ island …

A Bajan Occasion

Bonney Barbados: A Travel Retrospective, 1996

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Story and Photos by Dave DeWitt “One bellyful don’ fatten de hog,” goes a proverb in Barbados, meaning that it takes bit of an effort to achieve anything worthwhile. That saying applies to finding true Bajan food if you’re staying at a resort or beach hotel, because they serve mostly American-style fare. So, to experience the wide range of fiery …

Jamaican Steel Drummers

Authentic Jamaican Jerk

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Story and Location Photos by Jessica McCurdy Crooks; Food Photo by Norman Johnson Recipes Jerk Rub/Seasoning Jerk Sauce Jamaican Jerk Pork For the Grill Jess’ Super Hot Jerk Chicken Vegetarian Jerk Tofu Driving along the winding roads of Jamaica, the tantalizing aromas of grilling chicken, pork and fish permeate the air.  Dotting the roadsides are makeshift cook shops and sheds, …


The Scotch Bonnet Peppers of Jamaica

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Jamaica is almost as famous for its fiery Scotch bonnet peppers (which are rated as hotter than most habaneros) as it is for Reggae music and sports. Rarely will you find a Jamaican cooking without some of this pepper. Most often used on jerk chicken or pork, peppered shrimp, peppered steak and patties (a meat-filled pie), Scotch bonnet is the …