baltic peppers

Baltic Bites

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    Story and photos by Sharon Hudgins Recipes: Solyanka Spicy Beet Borscht Goulash The nine countries that border on the Baltic Sea aren’t known for spicy cooking. Fish, pork, potatoes, and beets, along with mushrooms, sour cream, and dill, have been the flavors of the Baltic for centuries. Horseradish was the only thing that spiked up a cuisine where …

winter harvest salad

Winter Harvest Salad

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This marinated spicy salad is rather like the traditional Mexican Christmas Eve Salad and takes advantage of fall vegetables. Substitute celery for the jicama, add oranges or apples, and you have a lower-fat take on a Waldorf salad.

Cinco de Mayo in Italy

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By Dave DeWitt From left, Renate Zoschke, yours truly, Prof. Amedeo Alpi, Massimo Biagi, Marco and Giacomo Carmazzi, and Harald Zoschke. Photo by Mary Jane Wilan. Other photos by Harald Zoschke. On May 5, 2015, Mary Jane and I were staying at Harald and Renate Zoschke’s house beside Lake Garda in Bardolino, Italy. But that didn’t stop us from celebrating Cinco …

The Mongols are Coming!

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Story and Photos by Sharon Hudgins Actually they’re already here. Mongol cuisine—or dishes dubbed “Mongolian”—has taken the world by storm, like a horde of horse-mounted warriors galloping out of Central Asia on a global raiding party. Mongolian barbecue. Mongolian hot pot. Jingisukan (I’ll bet you can figure that one out). From hole-in-the-wall mom-and-pop joints to look-alike chain restaurants to elegant …

Hatch Me If You Can

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Story and Photos by Harald Zoschke   Come to New Mexico in late summer, and you can’t escape its state fruit: What oranges are to Florida, chile is to New Mexico. The famous pepper is one of the defining ingredients of New Mexican Cuisine. While our perceived chile pepper color is red, a significant part of the harvest is picked, …