Fresh and dried Jolokia Pods

Pepper Profile: Jolokia

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Story and Photos by Harald Zoschke Fiery Foods Central Recommendations Chile Pepper Bedding Plants… over 500 varieties from Cross Country Nurseries, shipping April to early June. Fresh pods ship September and early October. Go here Chile Pepper Seeds… from all over the world from the Chile Pepper Institute. Go here The Plant Like the Habanero, Scotch Bonnet and Red Savina™, Naga …


The Scotch Bonnet Peppers of Jamaica

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Jamaica is almost as famous for its fiery Scotch bonnet peppers (which are rated as hotter than most habaneros) as it is for Reggae music and sports. Rarely will you find a Jamaican cooking without some of this pepper. Most often used on jerk chicken or pork, peppered shrimp, peppered steak and patties (a meat-filled pie), Scotch bonnet is the …

Pure Capsaicin Powder for Sale

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DISCLAIMER:  OUR COMPANY DOES NOT SELL OR OTHERWISE ENDORSE THE PUBLIC USEAGE OF PURE CAPSAICIN.  IT IS, IN PURE FORM, A DEADLY POISON AND IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY! Q: Hi Dave: I was sent some pure (?) capsaicin powder in the mail from an associate in China. I assume it is of high quality. It is an off-white color, …

Storing Roasted Peppers

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Q: Dave,After roasting peppers, how should I store them? Is olive oil the answer?— Jan Treese A: Hello Jan: If you store them in olive oil, bacteria will grow, spoiling everything. You should double-bag them and freeze.–Dave

Correct Spelling of Habanero

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Q: Dave,   I have seen two different spellings for Habanero Peppers. Is it : HABANERO OR HABAÑERO? I am willing to bet is Habanero, but then again, you know more than me. Thank you.   Luis Pinto A: Hello Luis: You are correct–there is no tilde over the n. It is a common mistake that even experienced chileheads make. …