Which Smoker Should I Buy?

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Q:  Hey Doc,   I’m thinking of buying one of these smokers: Jedmaster, Kingfisher, Austin and the Southern Yankee.  Any advice?   –Don       A:  Hi Don,   I”m a big fan of Jedmaster. Not so much of the others you mentioned.   –Dr. BBQ

Freezing Rubs

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Dr. BBQ I noticed I can buy your Big Time Rub online…but it’s in 10-pound bulk. Does the rub freeze well? I usually make your rub from scratch using your recipe and have done very very, very well with the ribs and pork. But I want the real thing. So can I freeze in vacuum sealed packages? Harry Hi Harry, …

Two Butts Per Shelf

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Hi Dr. BBQ: Hello my name is Walter Brooker from Denmark S.C.; first let me say I am a HUGE fan. I have been doing backyard BBQ since I could stand by my father”s knee. I am thinking of using Weber Smokey Mountain Smokers  since I have never used them before myself I was wondering just how many butts can …

Not-so-Sweet Spare Ribs

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Hello Dr. BBQ: I’m Looking for a good recipe for spare ribs that is not sweet–no honey no brown sugar and no tomatoes; got something up your sleeve? Miki from Jerusalem Hi Miki, Sure I have something up my sleeve. Sweet ribs are what most people want but I like them a little different sometimes too. Here’s my Creole Rub …

Sauce vs. Rub

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Dear Dr. BBQ, We go to competitions all the time but the one thing we have learned is that you can buy and read books till you blue in the face the people who write the books always leave out the secret thing what ever it may be. Do you know of any books where we can get the whole …