• El Pollo al Carbon
    The concept of marinating chicken in a spicy fruit juice and then char-broiling originated in Mexico and is becoming quite …
  • Healthy Quick Chicken Soup
    Since capsaicin breaks up nasal congestion and gives us the "salsa sniffles," try this quick chicken soup cure for your …
  • Ata Dindin (Nigerian Fried Red Pepper Sauce)
    Ata is the Yoruba word for chile pepper, and Nigerian chiles range from the tiny ata wewe to the large …
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  • Barbecue Classes?
    Dear Dr. BBQ: Do you have any advice to help me with BBQ books or classes, especially about cooking whole …
  • Sweet Potato Hash
    The credit for this recipe goes to Big Daddy, whoever he is. Feel free to spice this up by adding …
  • Peppered Seals?
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