Keep Your Pulled Pork Moist

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Hi Dr. BBQ: How do you keep pulled pork from drying out? I roasted a hog and it dried out before the party! Kim Hi Kim, I like to wet it all down with a mix of apple juice and BBQ sauce mixed 50/50. Not too much, just enough to coat it and keep it moist. I keep the mixture …

Don’t Rush the Pork

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Q:  Dr. BBQ,I”m making pulled pork for lunch for 10 people tomorrow.  My estimated cooking time is about 10 hours so I was hoping to BBQ about five hours tonight and five hours tomorrow—placing the meat in the fridge in the meantime, sealing it up nice and tight. Do you think that would work? –Lewis A:  Hi Lewis, Well it doesn”t …

Storing Roasted Peppers

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Q: Dave,After roasting peppers, how should I store them? Is olive oil the answer?— Jan Treese A: Hello Jan: If you store them in olive oil, bacteria will grow, spoiling everything. You should double-bag them and freeze.–Dave

Pure Capsaicin Powder for Sale

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DISCLAIMER:  OUR COMPANY DOES NOT SELL OR OTHERWISE ENDORSE THE PUBLIC USEAGE OF PURE CAPSAICIN.  IT IS, IN PURE FORM, A DEADLY POISON AND IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY! Q: Hi Dave: I was sent some pure (?) capsaicin powder in the mail from an associate in China. I assume it is of high quality. It is an off-white color, …

Picking Red Chiles

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Q: Hello, I love your site and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about peppers. I am growing peppers know and I was wondering how long to you have to pick peppers once they turn red. Thank. The Pepper Lover A: Hello Pepper Lover: That depends on the variety. But all chiles start to dehydrate …