A Barbecued Thanksgiving

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By Dave DeWitt, Ray Lampe, Mary Jane Wilan, Nancy Gerlach, Mike Stines, Ph.B., Gwyneth Doland, and Harald Zoschke  Recipes: Grilled Pineapple-Chipotle Salsa The Ultimate Turkey from Ray Scottie’s Creole Butter Dr. BBQ’s Pulled Pork Stuffing MJ’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes Dave’s Chipotle Gravy Mike’s Zucchini-Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes Chile and Dried Cherry Chocolate Dessert Everyone’s Fantasy of the First Thanksgiving Most of …

The Chili con Carne Project

The GREAT Chili Con Carne Project, Part 5: We Know Beans About It: The Chili Pantry

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by Dave DeWitt Part 5: We Know Beans About It: The Chili Pantry   Recipes: Beans for Chili! Sam Pendergrast’s Original Zen Chili Lady Bird Johnson’s Pedernales River Chili Chef Heywood’s Chili   The Great Chili con Carne Project Index We’ve discussed the chiles and meat in chili, but there are quite a few more ingredients to analyze for the …