Storing Roasted Peppers

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Q: Dave,After roasting peppers, how should I store them? Is olive oil the answer?— Jan Treese A: Hello Jan: If you store them in olive oil, bacteria will grow, spoiling everything. You should double-bag them and freeze.–Dave

Pure Capsaicin Powder for Sale

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DISCLAIMER:  OUR COMPANY DOES NOT SELL OR OTHERWISE ENDORSE THE PUBLIC USEAGE OF PURE CAPSAICIN.  IT IS, IN PURE FORM, A DEADLY POISON AND IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY! Q: Hi Dave: I was sent some pure (?) capsaicin powder in the mail from an associate in China. I assume it is of high quality. It is an off-white color, …

Picking Red Chiles

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Q: Hello, I love your site and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about peppers. I am growing peppers know and I was wondering how long to you have to pick peppers once they turn red. Thank. The Pepper Lover A: Hello Pepper Lover: That depends on the variety. But all chiles start to dehydrate …

Correct Spelling of Habanero

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Q: Dave,   I have seen two different spellings for Habanero Peppers. Is it : HABANERO OR HABAÑERO? I am willing to bet is Habanero, but then again, you know more than me. Thank you.   Luis Pinto A: Hello Luis: You are correct–there is no tilde over the n. It is a common mistake that even experienced chileheads make. …