How to Attach a Firebox

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Q:  Dear Dr. BBQ,   I’m considering building a large-scale wood-burning cooker with a firebox on the side.  I wanted your opinion on the best way to attach the firebox to the cooker and if heat baffles are needed throughout the cooker to maintain even cooking temps.  Thanks!   –Chris   A:  Hi Chris,   I am not a BBQ …

Maple Wood for Cooking

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Dr. BBQ: I have a load of maple wood but it doesn’t cook right. How can I shave it to have have good barbecue wood? Meeder Hi Meeder, If it’s a soft maple like silver maple it’s not good for cooking. If it’s a hard maple, split it, stack it and let it season for a year. You’ll be cooking …

Self-Clean Your Grill

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Q:  Dr. BBQ,   I have a great way to clean my BBQ grill–I just pop it in my self-cleaning oven and let it do the work.   –Jan   A:  Hello Jan:   Thanks for the idea-I”ll pass it along.   –Dr. BBQ

Roast Recipe

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Hi Dr. BBQ: We saw you in Memphis in May and you did a great job. We also have your cookbooks. Just for the fun of it we are having a pig roast this Saturday night and I am wondering if you can give me a good recipe for the roast. The pig is 141 pounds and I need your …

3-2-1 Overrated

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Hello Dr. BBQ: You are my hero! I love your BIG TIME BBQ BOOK. I have a question. I notice your rub and sauce for baby backs but do you use a mop or baste for them or just the 3-2-1 method with honey and apple juice and brown sugar? I have an offset at our campground that I use …