National BBQ Competitions

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Q:  Dr. BBQ,   Is there an information source that would let me know if there will be any BBQ competitions in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area in 2004? I am in Cincinnati and I would love to check out a few as I am considering trying my hand in a few competitions next year.   Thanks,   Seth   A:  Hi …

How to Keep Brisket Moist

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Dear Dr. BBQ: My question concerns smoked brisket. I smoke them whole at 225 degrees for about 13 hours, to an internal temp of 185 degrees. They always taste fantastic. My last time included my wrapping the brisket tight in foil, putting it in an Igloo, and transporting in to a friends house. The brisket stayed hot, and juicy in …

Salty Ribs

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Q:  Dr. BBQ,   Just finished your book. It is the best BBQ book ever. Bar none. I screwed up and nearly ruined my ribs yesterday on Father’s Day (so salty they almost were inedible). I am, or thought I was, an accomplished grill/BBQ man—please tell me what I did wrong. The night before I slathered three slabs of baby …

You Say Barbecue, I Say Barbeque

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Q:  Dear Dr. BBQ,What”s the difference between barbeque and barbecue?–Dan  A:  Hi Dan, I don’t know of any difference besides the spelling. Some people just like to spell it BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Barb-E-Que, Barbecue, Barbeque and probably a few I’m missing. It”s all the same thing. –Dr. BBQ  

Tips to Start Selling Sauce

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Q:  Hi Dr. BBQ,   Who makes custom label BBQ sauces?  I have a friend who is a musician in New Orleans and he is famous for his BBQ that he cooks during the gigs. Besides selling his fans his latest CD he would like to sell BBQ sauce, hot sauce, aprons, etc. with his band name, logo and info …