Samsung Chile Poster

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Contributing editor Sharon Hudgins was in the Seoul Airport and took a photo of this Korean poster for  Samsung TVs.  Notice the fake tears.  And the fact that the model is decidely not of Korean heritage.  –DD

An NRA-Themed Smoker

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Reader Michael Cohn sent me this pic of a smoker undoutedly made in Texas. However, I have no further information on it. If any of you can tell us more, please email me here. -DD

In Hottest Africa: Part 1, North and West

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by Dave DeWitt Recipes: Harissa Sauce; Nigerian Coconut Curry Soup; Tajine of Chicken with Lemons and Olives; Pepper-Peanut Kabobs The cooking of the African continent reflects the influences of its explorers, its conquerors, and its traders. Such is the history of chiles in Africa, which were unknown before 1500 but conquered a continent in less than half a century. The …

The Taming of the Wild Chile: Part 2, Pre-Columbian Chile Customs and Kitchens

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by Dave DeWitt and  Nancy Gerlach Recipes:    Chicken in Red Pipian Sauce                  Tamales Negros                  Tlaloc-Chile  Stew   Chiles were the major spice of the New World and played a role similar to that of black pepper in the Old World; ancient New World cultures from Mexico to South America combined the pungent pods …