Sweet Heat Wins Again!

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Congratulations to Bon Bon Bakery and Chocolate of San Diego, Grand Prize (Tasting Division) Winner of the 2009 Scovie Awards Competition with their incredibly tasty Chile Verde Ganache with Sweet Corn!  The Sweet Heat category has won the Grand Prize more than half the time in the 12 year history of the Scovie Awards.  I was a table monitor and …

How to Dry Habaneros

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Hi Dave, What’s the best way to dry habaneros so they don’t turn black?  In a dehydrator they turned beige and mushy and on a ristra they would get these black lines or turn black. We’re here in the South Valley, this is our first year of growing them and had a great crop but are now losing them. Thanks …

Harald and the Great Pumpkin

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Harald, our European editor, reports:  "I’m hugging a 396.4 kg (873 lb.) pumpkin, grown in Gluecksburg, northern Germany.  It was voted most beautiful this year, and 8th place for weight. That’s a lot of pumpkin soup, and a hell of a carving job for Halloween, which has become increasingly popular over here the past couple of years."    

Here’s the History of the “Ghost Chile”

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It’s been more than five years now that an Indian "Mystery Chile" was making headlines, and claims for such a "new" variety were published in print, and all over the Internet. With almost one million Scoville Units, it was supposed to be several times hotter than the Red SavinaTM, the current holder of that title in the Guinness World Records. …

Great Bowls of Fire!

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Soups are the elegant side of a chef’s kitchen. In professional cooking, tradition holds that the head chef always makes the soup. In fact, if you catch the chef eating something in his kitchen, chances are it will be a soup. Why do chefs love soups? Because it gives them a chance to recycle some of the byproducts of the …