Flypaper & Foie Gras

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A Tale of Two Barbecue Restaurants By Rick Browne, PH.B. Recipes Barbecued Lamb Ribs Creamy Mac & Cheese Southern Skillet Cornbread with Tangerine Butter BUBBA’S BBQ JOINT—The front door is unpainted, broken, hanging on one hinge, and has Band-Aids covering rips in the screen, or maybe it doesn’t even have a door. “Y’all welcome to Bubba’s,” someone yells out from …

Rick Browne Joins SuperSite

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Rick Cracks Up Gwyneth at the Great Grill-Off Barbecue expert Rick Browne is teaming up with us here at the SuperSite to strengthen our coverage of grilling and smoking.  For the past seven years, Rick has produced and hosted "Barbecue America," which is shown on PBS and reaches 230 markets in the U.S.  A writer, photographer, pitmaster, restaurant critic and …

Rick Browne, Ph.B.

Rick Browne’s HOLY GRAIL of Barbecue

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By Rick Browne, Ph.B. “It’s the sauce, man, it’s the sauce!” Recipes: Dracula’s Blood Orange Sauce Key West Citrus Sauce Beer Butte Ranch Sauce Horsey Sauce With a Bite Catfish BBQ Sauce (Marinade) Ah, the essence of barbecue. The glorious thickened liquid (sometimes not-so-thickened) that we gleefully baste, mop and slop with. The delicious mixture we dip, dab and dribble …

German Chili Police Inspect FF&BB Show!

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Harald Zoschke reports from Deutschland:  "Wow, whatta show.  Hard to believe it was already the twenty-first one! It still felt fresh and unique. The fun part is, besides all the interesting new products, the diversity of people you meet there, all united by the mighty pepper. Take Ralf, Klaus, and Uwe, for example. For these Germans who own a restaurant …