FF&BBQ Show Coverage Explodes

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In this pic from Pace Foods, crowds pour into the show, overwhelming the Pace booth at the very entrance.  Chris, at lower right, of the Pace test kitchens, looks unfazed at the onslaught of hot-stuff-craving fans.  See Pace’s photo coverage of the show, here.  Rosa Linda Roman, who produces the NewMexicast web broadcasting site, did a great job covering the …

Rick Browne, Ph.B.

Rick Browne’s Plankin’ It

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Barbecuing on a Wooden Board By Rick Browne, Ph.B. Grillin’ University Professor at Large            Recipes Prawns in Orange-Ginger Sauce Louisiana Blues Grilled Lobster BBQ Baked Feta Prawns La Barraca Mussels Grilled Swordfish Steaks Okay, so you want to impress your next barbecue party?  Wanna watch their mouths drop open and stay there when you serve up …

A Hybrid Bonsai Chile Plant

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From Jukka Kilpinnen in Finland comes an unsual hybrid of a Dutch chile (Capsicum annuum) and an orange habanero (Capsicum chinense).  Jukka is a bonsai expert and has made a beautiful plant.  It’s not easy and I failed at my first attempt.  For instructions, go here.

Redneck Seafood Dinner

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From contributing editor Nancy Gerlach in Chelem, Yucatan:  "The picture is from our friend in Italy and got me thinking about a blog for you on hot dogs in Mexico. They love them and put them in just about anything down here. We stopped to get some french fries from a vending cart in Merida and they had a garnish …

Protecting Your Commercial Recipe

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Hi Dave: Your article, “How to Manufacture and Sell Your Own Product”, is chocked full of helpful information, being that I am looking to do exactly that with my pepper sauce. I’d like to ask a question regarding co-packers. How would you advise one to protect his recipe when dealing with co-packers? What prevents them from creating my product if …