A World of Curries: Caribbean Curries

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by Dave DeWitt Recipes: Curried Pholourie Pumpkin- Curry Soup Jamaican Curry Goat Pork Colombo from Martinique Curried Chicken and Rotis Trinidadian Curried Lobster    Although curries in some form appear in the cuisines of most of the Caribbean, they are particularly prevalent in the countries where the East Indian population is the greatest: Jamaica, Martinique, and Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). …

Germany Going Crazy Over BBQ!

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                                                                                       Our European editor, Harald Zoschke, reports from southwest Germany: We drove to the Swiss border south of …

A World of Curries: South and East Africa

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By Dave DeWitt Recipes: Malawi Curry Powder Berbere Ethiopian Curried Butter Ethiopian Chicken Stew Curried Beef and Bananas Pinang-Kerrie The Dutch colonized South Africa because of its ideal position halfway between the Netherlands and the Spice Islands.  It was a perfect outpost for raising the vegetables and livestock necessary to replenish their ships. In 1652, the Dutch East India Company …

A World of Curries: North and West Africa

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By Dave DeWitt Recipes: Tunisian Five-Spice Powder Ras El Hanout Harissa Nigerian Coconut-Curry Soup Curried Lamb Balls Moroccan Majoun Africa has the most varied curries in the world–with the possible exception of India. They range from spice mixtures with aphrodisiac beetles to scaldingly hot chile pepper blends to elegant weekend curry lunches at the club.  The contrasting curries reflect the …

Ask Dave

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Hi Dave. Some time ago, I remember reading that milk products were better than sugar and butter for cooling the burning effect of chiles. I think there was actually a table which stated that milk killed the burn in 7 minutes, sugar in 11, etc. Am I halucinating or does the article exist?