The Island of Mauritius is located east of Madagascar.

Mighty, Mysterious Mauritian Mazavaroo

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By Leyla Loued-Khenissi The Island of Mauritius is located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.It was once the home of the now-extinct dodo bird. Recipes Mazavaroo Salata Mechouia Nablia Hey kid, wanna fly? In our time, it seems that everyone knows everything already. Globalization and democratization have done much to render the novel find a rare one. So, I …

Ribs Are Tough on the Outside

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Dr. BBQ:   I have a question about smoking ribs. I use an electric smoker with pouches of soaked wood chips for smoke. They turn out pretty good except the outside layer is somewhat tough. I smoke them meat side up for the entire time and then wrap in aluminum foil to let stand for about an hour. Any suggestions? …

The Lawyer's Testicle Tree

Avocado Madness!

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by Dave DeWitt Don’t believe all those people who tell you avocado is a vegetable, because it’s not.  It’s a fruit just like mangos, pears, tomatoes, chiles, and apples.  It just happens to pair well with some vegetables like lettuce, especially in salads, so that’s why people think it’s a veggie.  It’s one of my favorite fruits, along with mangos …