An Alabama Barbecue

An Alabama Barbecue, 1864

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By Parthenia Antoinette Hague Then there were the annual barbecues that each and all planters gave without fail to their slaves when the crops had all been laid by, which semi-holiday weeks embraced the last of July and the first of August. I remember in particular one barbecue roast that I witnessed one night in company with the household. The …

Wild Hog, by John James Audubon

A Kentucky Barbecue, 1897

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By John James Audubon, 1897 Beargrass Creek, which is one of the many beautiful streams of the highly cultivated and happy State of Kentucky, meanders through a deeply shaded growth of majestic beechwoods, in which are interspersed various species of walnut, oak, elm, ash, and other trees, extending on either side of its course. The spot on which I witnessed …

Sauza Tequila Neon Sign

Spicy Drinks for New Year’s

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By Dave DeWitt         Recipes Tequila Enchilado (Chilied Tequila) Sangrita de Chapala (Chapala’s Little Bloody Drink) The Great Montezuma Hot Chocolate Drink Bloody Maria Ancho Chile and Rum Mulled Citrus Cider Many people compose their New Year’s Resolutions at this time of the year, but I prefer New Year’s Revolutions: hot and spicy drinks to celebrate in …