Pecan Grove, Las Cruces

Pecans Now New Mexico’s Top Food Crop

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Chiles had their moments of fame back in the 1980s and early ’90s when they were easily New Mexico’s number one food crop. But as the pecan groves expanded and the trees matured, pecans have steadily stolen the chiles’ thunder. These days, the pecan crop value is nearly double that of chile peppers. In 2007, New Mexico pecan growers were …

The Electrifying Case of Sichuan Peppers

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Dried Sichuan peppers & husks Sichuan pepper is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, but you may not know the whole story behind this unique spice. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, there are a few things you should know about Sichuan peppers. Sichuan peppers (known in Chinese as hua jiao) aren’t related to chili peppers or black pepper. …

Ginnie Peppers from Gerard's Herbal

Ginnie Peppers in England, 1597

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Editor’s Notes: This description is taken from The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes, by John Gerard (Publisher: John Norton, London, 1597). Gerard is the best known of all English herbalists mostly because of this herbal. His official career was a barber/surgeon but his first love was horticulture. For twenty years he had a famous garden in a fashionable London …

thanksgiving Turkey Ride

A Wacky Google Books Thanksgiving

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Collected by Dave DeWitt Note: Most hundred-year-old (or more) descriptions of Thanksgiving are insufferably sappy, but thanks to the hard-working scanners at Google Books, I was able to cobble (or gobble) together some suggestions for making this holiday a little more interesting than usual. How about a shooting match with live targets? A Perfect Thanksgiving Diversion, 1897 Another of the …

Burglar Blaster

Pepper Spray for Your House?

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The Burglar Blaster security system Ever wish you had a more appropriate way than an ADT Home Security system to safeguard your hot sauce collection? Imagine if a burglar snuck into your house, tripped the alarm system, and was sprayed with a fiery blast of pepper spray? Now that’s poetic justice. The Burglar Blaster is a “self contained electronic pepper …