Old Map of Ceylon, Now Sri Lanka

Customs, Cultivations, and Curries of Ceylon, 1860-1891

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Observations on the Cuisine of Ceylon, by James Emerson Tennent, 1860 The domestic economy of the great body of the Singhalese, who inhabit Colombo and the other towns of the island, is of the simplest and most inexpensive character. In a climate, whose chief requirement is protection from heat, their dwellings are as little encumbered with furniture as their persons …

Market in Sumatra selling curry ingredients

Curries in Sumatra, 1784

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By William Marsden From: The History of Sumatra: containing an account of the government, laws, customs and manners of the native inhabitants, with a description of the natural productions, and a relation of the ancient political state of that island. London: Thomas Payne & Son, 1784. Image: Market in Sumatra Selling Curry Ingredients Although the Sumatrans live, in a great …

Botanical Illustration from Köhler's Medicinal Plants, 1887

The Virtues of Pepper, 1861

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Editor’s Note: I found this interesting chile food history article while doing numerous complicated word searches in Google Books, a treasure trove of buried culinary information going back hundreds of years. I have provided the historical illustrations. –Dave DeWitt “The Virtues of Pepper, 1861” Article in The Floral World and Garden Guide, Volume 4. London: Groombridge and Sons, 1861. Cayenne …

The Cliffs at Todos Santos

A Ponga, Some Yellowtails, and Mexican Sashimi

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There was no dock and no fancy yacht. The tackle was old and weather-beaten. But this was real fishing, not a tourist trip from a resort. We were fishing with fourth-generation professionals off the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur at the town of Todos Santos. I was joined by Chef Dany Lamote of the Hotel California, an avid fisherman …

The Realest Taste | Bleu Bohème * Irvine Hospitality * Ken Irvine * Restaurants Kensington

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The Realest Taste | Bleu Bohème * Irvine Hospitality * Ken Irvine * Restaurants Kensington Presenting a unique experience of food in this age (with the generalization of international cuisine, and, our lowered standards and expectations) is both simple and sometimes difficult. When most people do not personally interact with whole foods, 'ingredients', and they do not cook much any …