Trinidad Scorpion

Development of Superhot Chile Peppers in Trinidad and Tobago

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By Dave DeWitt Author’s Note:  This is a work in progress, so comments would be appreciated. Updated 2/19/2016 Background The species Capsicum chinense spread throughout the Caribbean basin in prehistoric times, carried by indigenous people via boat from the Amazon basin to what is now Venezuela to Trinidad, and then through the Lesser Antilles to the Greater Antilles, and finally …

christmas cookie

Spiced Holiday Cookies For Christmas

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If you are tired of the regular Christmas cookies and sweets you always lay on the table on your colorful red and green table cloth year after year, this recipe for spice sugar cookies is just the thing you need to blow the minds of both kids and adults. Get ready for some amazing cinnamon and nutmeg flavors you have …

Healthy Snacks For Nights Of Entertainment

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Whether it is the middle of the afternoon or 9 in the evening and you feel like eating something salted and crunchy while watching your favorite game show or playing bingo, you have a vast array of snacks to choose from. The good news is that not all of them need to consist of the fattening and anything but healthy …