The Japanese Scovie Awards

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by Dave DeWitt DeWitt-san as Honored Guest and Judge A spicy sun is rising over Japan. Long believed to be the land of only sushi, tempura, and yakatori, Japanese tastebuds are now aflame with habaneros, curries, and spicy snacks. A Spicy Background It all began with Tohato, the Japanese snack food company, entering their habanero-spiced snacks into the American Scovie …

Nancy Gerlach

Indonesian Sambals

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Indonesian Sambals by Nancy Gerlach, Fiery-Foods.com Food Editor Emeritus Recipes: Sambal Oelek (Hot Chile and Lime Condiment) Sambal Trassi (Shrimp Paste Condiment) Sambal Tomat (Tomato Condiment) Sambal Bajak (Fragrant Chile Sambal) Sambal Kacang (Spicy Peanut Sauce) Just the name Indonesia conjures up images of tropical islands, swaying stands of bamboo, white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and people dressed in …

Mascarene Islands Map

Mascarene Chile Cuisine

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Recipe Index Piment Limon Mascarene Chile Paste Sauce Rougaille MauritianCoconut Chutney La RéunionChicken Curry Tiger Prawnswith Red Chile MascareneHush Puppies Did Portuguese explorer Pedro Mascarenhas bring chile pepper seeds to the three islands in the Indian Ocean he discovered in 1502? After all, it was nine years after Colombus brought chiles back from the Bahamas, and Portuguese explorers and traders …

In-Law Curry Powders

Where Africa Meets India: Fiery Durban Curry

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By Diana Armstrong Speak to any traveler who has been to South Africa, and they probably will tell you that they visited Cape Town, to enjoy the vineyards and the spectacular scenery, and the Kruger National Park for a requisite safari experience. But the great pity is that they narrowly missed one of the most sensuous and diverse cities in …

Maturing Tabasco Plant

Pepper Profile: Frutescens Species

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By Dave DeWitt Fiery Foods & BBQ Central Recommendations Chile Pepper Bedding Plants… over 500 varieties from Cross Country Nurseries, shipping April to early-June. Fresh pods ship September and early October. Go here Chile Pepper Seeds… from all over the world from the Chile Pepper Institute. Go here Photos by Dave DeWitt and Harald Zoschke Introduction The tabasco chile is the …