Homemade Capsaicin Oil

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Above, orange capsaicin on the placental tissue Hi Dave, I have been reading about Capsaicin cream in 0.025% to .075% strength in Prevention Magazine to be used for pain management.  Do you think thiswill help with lower back pain?   Thank you,Kay Blyth Hello Kay: Yes, I think it will.  No need to buy expensive creams.  Use this.  If it’s …

Making Frozen Mash

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Above, commercial tanks store huge quantities of mash Dave, What’s your experience/opinion on not using a mash for a commercial hot sauce?  Can it be practical? Our most popular hot sauce is based on cayennes, and we’ve always used fresh peppers for the recipe.  Now I’m looking to have this sauce professionally made and bottled, and I’m wondering about the …

Chiltepin Germination Failure

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Hi Dave: Thanks for the excellent website. I tried to grow some chiltepin peppers from dried pods purchased at a local Mexican market. I planted the seeds in June. I live in San Jose, Calif. & we do get some hot summer days here. In the first batch, I fed some pods to my roommates’ parrot & planted the pooped-out …

Pure Capsaicin Powder for Sale

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DISCLAIMER:  OUR COMPANY DOES NOT SELL OR OTHERWISE ENDORSE THE PUBLIC USEAGE OF PURE CAPSAICIN.  IT IS, IN PURE FORM, A DEADLY POISON AND IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY! Q: Hi Dave: I was sent some pure (?) capsaicin powder in the mail from an associate in China. I assume it is of high quality. It is an off-white color, …

Storing Roasted Peppers

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Q: Dave,After roasting peppers, how should I store them? Is olive oil the answer?— Jan Treese A: Hello Jan: If you store them in olive oil, bacteria will grow, spoiling everything. You should double-bag them and freeze.–Dave