Spicy Barbecued Appetizers

Spicy Grilled Appetizers

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Recipes: Skewered Spiced Peruvian Beef and Chicken (Anticuchos) Cured and Pecan-Smoked King Salmon with Hot Sauce Grilled Shrimp Cocktail Mazatlan-Style Margarita-Grilled Shrimp and Avocado Quesadilla New Mexican Three-Chile Wings of Fire Tunisian Hot Vegetable Dip (Slata Mechouia) by Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach Conjure up in your mind all those appetizers you’ve been offered at parties over the years. Celery …


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Story and Photos by Dave DeWitt The setting was perfect: Rancho de los Caballeros, a dude ranch and spa set on 20,000 Sonoran desert acres outside of Wickenberg, Arizona. The weather was perfect: 85 degrees during the day in late October, 56 at night. And the food? It couldn’t have been better, considering that four BBQ and grilling experts were …