Spicy - Delicious, easy-to-make recipes for spicy food lovers

Say Hi to Spicy! Delicious, Easy-to-Make Recipes for Spicy Food Lovers

Spicy - Drunk Bananas FlambeDrunk Bananas Flambé

The very recipe title name of this banana dessert conjures up memories for me. My parents, Dick and Barbara, regularly prepared it—without the chile—in the late 1950s. As kids, my brother Rick and I were entranced with the idea of setting food on fire! Sometimes if they were out of rum, Dick would substitute brandy or even blended whiskey. The bananas were always served with vanilla ice cream. Variation: Sprinkle the bananas with toasted coconut, too.

Spicy - His Majesty's ChickenHis Majesty’s Chicken (Korma Ayam)

Some of Southeast Asia’s most exotic spices are the stars of this Indonesian dish. Ginger, coriander, caramom, and and cloves give this a distinctly rich taste. If you enjoy this recipe, try it next time using lamb.

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Spicy - North Coast Jerk PorkNorth Coast Jerk Pork

The Jamaican jerk cooks use a technique of cooking best described as “smoke-grilling.” It combines the direct heat of grilling with smoke produced by fresh pimento leaves and branches.

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Spicy - Royal Thai Beef CurryRoyal Thai Beef Curry 
(Gaeng Ped Neua)

This recipe was favorite of King Rama V, who reigned in Thailand from 1869-1910. It is tasty, rich, and very spicy and should be served with hot, cooked rice or cooked Thai noodles.

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Spicy - Tamale PieTamale Pie

This recipe is a delicious alternative to traditional tamales. A green salad is all that is needed to complete a meal.

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Spicy - Twice Cooked Spicy ChickenTwice-Cooked Spicy Chicken

This is a great dish for those who can’t handle a lot of heat. Chicken dishes are very popular all over the Caribbean. They are especially popular in Trinidad and Tobago, as evidenced by the number of fast-food shops selling it. The phrase “twice-cooked” refers to the browning and then the baking.