Overwintering Chile Plants

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Dear Dave,I live in NJ, and I have heard that if I bring in peppers for the winter, they will go dormant and then come back next year. Do you know anything like this? Is there anything special I need to do to them?Thanks,Michael MulryHello Mike:Yes, you can bring peppers indoors, but it’s probably too late if you’ve had a …

Growing Peppers in the Desert

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Dave:Is the desert a good place to grow peppers.. I will be moving to Nevada and not sure if my peppers will grow in such heat.Thanks,Frances Frances:Yes, as long as they are well irrigated, you can grow peppers in the desert. Mine grow fine here in Albuquerque.–Dave

On the way to Chicago

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Probably you think that driving a car for a long way is something nice and funny, especially if you are driving to meet your relatives whom you haven’t seen in a long time. Well, yes, it’s a funny moment to share with the rest of the family. On the way to Chicago there is a big number of Barbecue and …

How to Dry Habaneros

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Hi Dave, What’s the best way to dry habaneros so they don’t turn black?  In a dehydrator they turned beige and mushy and on a ristra they would get these black lines or turn black. We’re here in the South Valley, this is our first year of growing them and had a great crop but are now losing them. Thanks …