A Spray that helps Capsaicin Skin Burns

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Hey Dave,Somewhere sometime ago I overheard someone talking about a spray that one can apply to capsaicin type skin burns like us in hot sauce production business get too often. Do you have idea what that might be?Aloha . . .SteveSteve:I think that person was referring to a topical anesthetic spray such as Hurricaine. See:www.ecureme.com/eMyHealth/data/Hurricaine_Topical_&_Anesthetic_Spray.asp–Dave

What is Pepper Extract

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Dave:I was watching a show on the Food Network about hot sauces. Dave of Dave’s Insanity Sauce was showing how he made his sauce and mentioned hot pepper extract. What is this? Many thanks for your help.Boyce.Boyce:Pepper extract is oleoresin capsicum, the concentrated oil containing high amounts of capsaicin. Hot peppers are dried and pelletized, then treated with hexane, which …

Smoking Peppers Hints

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Dave, I have been smoking peppers for years (anything hot;) mixing them with some I have dehydrated and some dried onion and dried garlic then grinding them up in my wife’s blender and putting the end result in shakers. So far I have been doing carefully this in a charcoal smoker but this year I have almost 100 plants so …