Chile Seeds in Recipes?

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Hi Dave: You’ve probably been asked this a lot.  Why does every recipe with chilies say to remove the seeds?  I’ve never removed the seeds.  Am I missing something, or does it actually have an affect on taste? Mike Hello Mike: It’s not so much the taste as the texture.  Seeds get between your teeth, don’t add anything to the …

Making Hot Sauce at Home

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Dave, You stated, in your response to my original question, that fresh habanero can be used 3 to 1 for habanero powder. Umm, can you be more exact is that 3 fresh peppers to 1 teaspoon of powder or? Also when bottling a sauce, how would you go about making it shelf stable so that it doesn’t have to be …

Making Frozen Mash

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Above, commercial tanks store huge quantities of mash Dave, What’s your experience/opinion on not using a mash for a commercial hot sauce?  Can it be practical? Our most popular hot sauce is based on cayennes, and we’ve always used fresh peppers for the recipe.  Now I’m looking to have this sauce professionally made and bottled, and I’m wondering about the …

Storing Roasted Peppers

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Q: Dave,After roasting peppers, how should I store them? Is olive oil the answer?— Jan Treese A: Hello Jan: If you store them in olive oil, bacteria will grow, spoiling everything. You should double-bag them and freeze.–Dave