Pepper producer from China's westernmost region of Xinjiang, adding local flair through traditional costume - and internationality by offering Pasilla peppers

China and the World – of Chile Peppers

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By Gerald Schmidt At left: Bigger definitely is better – another company presented peppers grown from its (hybrid) seed in these impressive rows. Chinese tomatoes in Italian pasta sauces, Chinese peppers on the Mexican market—the whole world is connected, and it seems that China is at the center of it all. Coming out of more than a century in which …

Silk Road cover

Book Excerpt: The Silk Road Gourmet

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An Excerpt From: The Silk Road Gourmet A Journey through the Cuisines of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka By Laura Kelley iUniverse, Inc. Copyright 2009 372 Pages $34.95 ISBN 9781440143076 Available on here.   Republic of Georgia Main spices and flavors: sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sweet basil, bay leaves, caraway seeds, dill, fennel, tarragon, …

Kimchi Served

Kimchi Culture: The Cult of the Cabbage

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By Richard Sterling Recipe Kimchi It is the stuff of ancient legend, and even of poetry. Songs are sung of it, odes penned, memories and meals made complete by it. Unless you dine only in fast food restaurants and hotel coffee shops it will be your most enduring gustatory memory of Korea. Kimchi is the great culinary constant of Korean …

A mountain road in Bhutan

Blessed to Be in Bhutan

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The Enjoyment of Bhutanese Comfort Food Story and Photos by Diana G. Armstrong A mountain road in Bhutan. With frayed nerves and jackhammered bodies, we arrive in Thimphu. Our shock absorber-free vehicle has come to a stop in the largest city in the country of Bhutan. To get here we jostled over mountain passes that were veritable nail biters. The …