mekong catfish

The Pigs of the Sea

Dave DeWitt In the Kitchen with Chile Peppers, Sizzling Seafood Leave a Comment

By Dave DeWitt & Mike Stines From Thailand: Deep-Fried Curried Fish Patties and Thai Baked Stuffed Chile Peppers From Singapore: Singapore Fried Prawns with Dried Chile From Vietnam: Fish with Ginger Salsa From Borneo: Tangy Marinated Fish From Cambodia: Tantalizing Catfish The Mekong Catfish above is a good example of why some catfish and groupers are called “the pigs of …

Sizzling Seafood, Part Two

Dave DeWitt Sizzling Seafood Leave a Comment

By Mike Stines, Ph.B. Almost every culture has their variety of piquant seafood… from Jamaican pepper shrimp to Creole shrimp and andouille jambalaya to Filipino hot and sour soup to Indian fish curry to Korean Jjamppong, a spicy noodle and shrimp soup… and everything in between but they all have a common thread, the liberal use of fiery chiles and …