Mesquite Wood Chips

Mesquite and Other Woods for Grilling and Smoking

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by Dave DeWitt, illustrations by Harald Zoschke   Two of the classic arts of grilling and barbecuing are knowing which woods to use and how to use them. Before I got a gas grill, all I had was a smoker, and I used the main chamber of it to grill meats over wood. It was by far the most challenging cooking …

A Variety of Cookers

A Smoking Primer

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Story and Photos by Mike Stines, Ph.B. Recipes All-Purpose RubPoultry RubBrisket RubColleen’s Supreme Sauce For those who love the taste of smoked foods but don’t like the expensive retail price in supermarkets and gourmet shops, there is an option. Smoke your own! Hot smoking, although time-consuming, is easily done and you don’t need to have one of those fancy $10,000 …