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Hot and Healthy Chile Peppers

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By Sharon Palmer, RD Looking for a hot way to stay healthy? Just munch on chile peppers, nature’s favorite spicy health food. Chiles dish up more than merely a zesty explosion for the palate; they are packed with nutrients that have scientists buzzing. Both health experts and chefs have known for years that chile peppers – chopped, pureed, ground, canned, …

Chile Fist

The Powerful Health Punch of the Mighty Pod

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by Dave DeWitt Excerpted from The Chile Pepper Encyclopedia (1998, William Morrow & Co.). Chile peppers don’t have to be healthy to be fun to eat, but fortunately, they are. In fact, they have quite a long history as a folk remedy for all kinds of ailments, from anorexia to vertigo. Some of the more scientifically recognized medical applications of …