Maya Natural Sea Salt Harvest

Maya Natural Sea Salt Harvest

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  Rick Grice of Maya Natural Sea Salt just sent me a link to pics of his salt harvest, which apparently has been going on long before he was born!  Rick writes: “White Gold or Mayan Sea Salt has been the subject of numerous books and scholarly papers written about the trade routes of the ancient Mayans.  Some have estimated …

Mayan Sea Salt

White Gold: Rediscovering the Allure of Sea Salt

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By Kelli Bergthold Food photos by Wes Naman Recipes in this article: Mayan Citrus SaladMayan CevicheBean Soup with PorkVegetarian Raise-the-Dead Chili Recently, I have acquired a new addiction. It’s a fine white powder that human beings have been fighting over for thousands of years. The Mayans called it White Gold, but today, we call it salt. Salt has long been …