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Hi Dr BBQ,

I’m a recently retired pork rib enthusiast. My favorite spots (so far) are the Rendevous in Memphis and Michelbob’s in Naples. We live in Connecticut in the summer and Naples, Fla., in the winter. I’m planning a 35th anniversary trip for my wife and me for next summer or fall, 2006. For many years we’ve talked about renting an RV (or just driving and staying at hotels) and traveling around to great BBQ functions throughout the southeast, for three to four weeks The idea is to meet great people (like you), sample great BBQ and take in the REAL south. I’m wondering if you can point me to either 1. a resource who can help me plan our trip; 2. a trail/event guide for 2006 or 3. a pre-arranged tour (complete with travel, lodging, guided city tours, etc.) for folks like us? I realize this may be a tall order, but if you can at least give me a starting point, I’m pretty resourceful and can go from there. Many thanks, partner. Warmest regards,


Steve Silver

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a BBQ Crawl organized trip, but there probably will be soon, with the growing interest in BBQ. You can look at and for a good listing of all the cookoffs around the country. They are great fun, but not necessarily the best places to eat barbecue. The restaurants are everywhere, and a little searching on the net should find many of the famous ones. I”ll recommend Big Bob Gibson”s in Decatur, Alabama, Jack”s Old South in Vienna, Georgia, and Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to get you started. You mentioned ribs and I see that you”re from CT. Don”t be surprised that ribs aren”t what it”s all about in the south. Most places will have them, but it”s usually not their biggest seller. Dreamland is an exception, but pork barbecue is the most popular barbecue item in the southeast. Go to Texas or Kansas City and brisket takes center stage, and if you find yourself in Kentucky, mutton may be the barbecue of choice. Good luck and have fun,



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