Shocking! Revealed by Pepperazzi: Chile Pepper Balconies

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Photos & story by Harald Zoschke    



Southern Italy. Bright sunshine. A mild sea breeze. Chile peppers are drying in the air here. So do linen, underwear and work outfits. As the place in the sun is scarce, potent pods have to share space with cleaned clothing. Watch the excitement of chiles caught in the act of mingling with sheets and shirts.

Chile Pepper Balcony 1



Real chileheads appreciate if their underwear
sports the fragrance of sunripened peppers.


In the U.S. and Mexico, the strung-up pods
are called ristra. In Italy, the name is fila.






Chile Pepper Balcony 2

You’re a real chilehead if  you leave scorch marks on the pillow — AND on the sheet! That’s why the sheets need frequent trips to the washing machine.

Drying of course takes place right next to the cause of the burn.

We were puzzled by the mural right next to the balcony, though.



Chileheads are particularly clean people. So it’s no wonder to see the dust buster hanging within reach to keep those ristras neat and tidy. Also helpful in case of a chile powder spill.

The owners of the balcony below seem to be a little excentric, as you can tell by the way they hung their ristras left and right of the sheets. Also, the placement pattern is quite unusual….

Chile Pepper Balcony 3

Chile Pepper Balcony 4

Chile Pepper Balcony 5

Work wear needs to be as clean as a whistle, like these baker pants here. More delicate pieces, possibly from Giulios Secret, are discretely underneath an unobtrusive red sheet.

Chile Pepper Balcony 6

These two flats are obviously inhabited by workmates, as red shirts are dangling from both balconies. Both have the same ristras, too. Twins, maybe?


Chile Pepper Balcony 7

A two-layer paint job coudn’t hurt on these walls here, but the sheets are ultra-white for sure.

Also, this balcony earns bonus points for the curtains mounted from outside, allowing for quick access to the chiles.

Shirt and socks seem to belong to a chile pepper impersonator – red and green! Or maybe he/she just wants to adapt to the pods.


Chile Pepper Balcony 8

Chile Pepper Balcony 9

Not too stylish are the canopies on these two
balconies — the brown color is clashing with
the red peperoncini, as chiles are called in Italy.

Chile Pepper Balcony 10

Another faux pas — the chiles on the right picture are too far away from the shirts to add their fragrance to them. On the left picture, we see a balcony that’s elegant from above, but crumbling underneath.


If walls are crumbling that has to happen in style. In the setup to the right, the disintegrating wall fits the overall appearance, resulting in a coherent appearance. Here we can even tolerate that no clothing is hanging outside. 


Chile Pepper Balcony 11

Chile Pepper Balcony 12

On this chile lover’s balcony, the lack of laundry was compensated by decorative potted plants.

Bonus points for the bird cage on the wall (no bird flu though, as the cage was closed.)


Chile Pepper Balcony 13    Chile Pepper Balcony 14

Chile Pepper Balcony 15



In the absence of a balcony, creative minds
think up ways to gain drying space outside the
window. True chilehead spirit!



Traditional drying methods and high tech don’t have to exclude each other, as demonstrated on the balcony to the right. The chiles may even aid in receiving a sharper image.


Chile Pepper Balcony 16

Chile Pepper Balcony 17

Quick, which tenant of this house doesn’t
like to do laundry and is no chilehead?

And one more, see below:

One tenant loves laundry, the other one loves chiles.
With which person would you like to live for the rest 
of your life?

(I know, that’s a tough one)

Chile Pepper Balcony 18

Ah, fresh ristras. To keep the pods that are still moist from crinkling, someone installed a sunroof. Very thougfhtful.


Chile Pepper Balcony 19

Chile Pepper Balcony 20    Peaceful coexistance…

Chile Pepper Balcony 21  Chile Pepper Balcony 22



Colored ribbons tied to the neighbors — nice touch, and possibly helpful for swapping chilies.


Chile Pepper Balcony 23

Chile Pepper Balcony 24

Chile Pepper Balcony 25

The last two balconies are just classy. A clean shirt and tasty peppers – don’t need much more!

Hope you enjoyed our pepperazzi’s secret peeks at Southern Italy’s multipurpose balconies.

To find out how you can dry peppers and even build your own ristras, check out our story:
From Pods to Powder: Drying Chiles



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