How To Organize A Cocktail Party

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Throwing a cocktail party is a fun, but at the same time demanding event that is going to require quite a lot of planning. Below you are going to find some of the highlights to focus your full attention on and the right timing for them.


What To Do One Month Before The Party


Around four weeks before the actual party you are going to have to think of the best theme for your cocktail party decide upon the exact location and think about the menu, drinks included. Draft your list of guests and work on creating the invitations for them. MUA will be delighted to help you host the best party, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and establish all the details.  


What To Do Three Weeks Before The Party


Now is the time to start sending out the invitations. In case you will be hosting a party for a crowd you are not very familiar with, do it now. If your close friends will be joining you, you can postpone mailing the invitations two weeks before the party. This is also the time to start working on your exact shopping list once you have your menu all set.


What To Do Two Weeks Before The Party


Now, you will need to plan the type of decorations you would like to have. We can work with you to come up with the best ideas possible corresponding to your chosen theme, be it a Hollywood, a pink slip soiree or a green-themed party. This is also the moment when you are going to need to purchase or rent all of the pieces of equipment you are going to need for your party and create the playlist. Go on the web and find inspiration and while there buy lottery tickets online for your favorite lottery game.


What To Do One Week Before The Party

Just a few days before the party you will need to get in touch with the guests you didn’t hear from, order your flowers form the florist and establish your outfit for the evening.

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