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A Farangi in Afghanistan, Part II

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A Foodie in Modern-day Kabul(See Part I of this series here.) by Susan Marx As a humanitarian aid worker with a passion for good food, it was with trepidation that I made my move to Afghanistan in early 2007. After a tumultuous year spent in Baghdad, Iraq in 2006 during which I saw increasing suicide bombings and other attacks throughout …

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A Farangi in Afghanistan, Part I

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Part One of a two-part series on Afghanistan(See Part II here.) A Memoir by Dr. Arnold Krochmal Editor’s note: At the time this article was first published in the early 1980s, Dr. Arnold Krochmal was retired from the U.S. Forest Service. Though this article was written a while ago, things in Afghanistan do not change quickly, if at all—especially the …

Israel: Holy Non-Mackerel

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by Paul Ross Israel’s Restaurant Future Is Alongside Its Biblical Past   Diners on Decks’deck overhangingthe Sea of Galilee.     The Sea of Galilee. The name evokes many things. Foremost among them is not barbecue. But Decks is a barbecue restaurant built on surprises. It’s also built right on the water with only one side anchoring it to the …

Jordan: Finding a Kick in the Kingdom

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Story and Photos by Patrick Holian   Recipes: Shatah (Jordanian Harissa Sauce) Maghdoos (Pickled Eggplant with Chile Pepper) Sawani (Lamb Shank Casserole with Cayenne) Mixed Grill Shwarma Sandwiches  The fearless author in Mohammed’s tent I was in the Middle East and in trouble again. Fortunately, it was not the kind of trouble one expects to see on CNN these days. …