Quila Sawdust Suitable for Smoking? Maybe

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Q: Hi Dr. BBQ,   Just wondering if quila sawdust would be suitable for smoking. I’ve done a few trials with different hardwoods, but have an unlimited supply of quila if it’s suitable.   Cheers,   Max   A: Hello Max:   I’ve never heard of quila and can’t find it through a Web search. Generally speaking, it would work: …

Dry Spareribs

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Hi Dr. BBQ, I enjoy smoking spareribs but they come out a little dry. I usually go about 6 hours at 250° degrees. I also spray them with red wine or cider vinegars. Is there something else I should be doing? Thank you, Bill Hi Bill, I’d say you’re probably cooking them too long. How do you decide when they’re …

Which Smoker Should I Buy?

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Q:  Hey Doc,   I’m thinking of buying one of these smokers: Jedmaster, Kingfisher, Austin and the Southern Yankee.  Any advice?   –Don       A:  Hi Don,   I”m a big fan of Jedmaster. Not so much of the others you mentioned.   –Dr. BBQ

Freezing Rubs

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Dr. BBQ I noticed I can buy your Big Time Rub online…but it’s in 10-pound bulk. Does the rub freeze well? I usually make your rub from scratch using your recipe and have done very very, very well with the ribs and pork. But I want the real thing. So can I freeze in vacuum sealed packages? Harry Hi Harry, …

BBQ Vacation

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Hi Dr BBQ, I’m a recently retired pork rib enthusiast. My favorite spots (so far) are the Rendevous in Memphis and Michelbob’s in Naples. We live in Connecticut in the summer and Naples, Fla., in the winter. I’m planning a 35th anniversary trip for my wife and me for next summer or fall, 2006. For many years we’ve talked about …