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Spiced Holiday Cookies For Christmas

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If you are tired of the regular Christmas cookies and sweets you always lay on the table on your colorful red and green table cloth year after year, this recipe for spice sugar cookies is just the thing you need to blow the minds of both kids and adults. Get ready for some amazing cinnamon and nutmeg flavors you have …

Ribs Are Tough on the Outside

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Dr. BBQ:   I have a question about smoking ribs. I use an electric smoker with pouches of soaked wood chips for smoke. They turn out pretty good except the outside layer is somewhat tough. I smoke them meat side up for the entire time and then wrap in aluminum foil to let stand for about an hour. Any suggestions? …

Any Bad Woods for Smoking?

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Hello Dr. BBQ: OK, I am 53 and have been smoking my meats since I left home when I was 19. My father always used wet chips back then to smoke chicken on a spit. Anyway, I have always used oak or hickory. Now I hear people talking about apple wood? Is this any apple tree wood or is this …