Sausage Spectacular!

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By Mike Stines, Ph. B. One of my traditional favorites for the smoker, grill, summer get-togethers and tailgating parties is sausage. Whether it’s smoky Louisiana andouille, spicy Mexican chorizo, Texas hot links or German bratwurst, sausage is a perennial favorite on the grill. Food historians can’t document the start of sausage making but we know that the process began as …

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Pimentón: The Smoked Chile Powder from La Vera, Spain

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by Dave DeWitt Recipe Index Spanish Chorizo with Pimentón Pimentón Garlic Soup Grilled Tuna Steaks with Salsa Pimentón Everyone knows that Columbus carried chile peppers to Spain from the New World on his second voyage in 1493, but who first used the pods for flavoring food? José Guerra, writing in “Foods from Spain News,” speculates that monks at the Monastery …