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Baltic Bites

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    Story and photos by Sharon Hudgins Recipes: Solyanka Spicy Beet Borscht Goulash The nine countries that border on the Baltic Sea aren’t known for spicy cooking. Fish, pork, potatoes, and beets, along with mushrooms, sour cream, and dill, have been the flavors of the Baltic for centuries. Horseradish was the only thing that spiked up a cuisine where …

Piment d’ Espelette: The AOC-Protected Chile Pepper

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By Dave DeWitt Recipe Index: Chicken Basquaise with Espelette Piperade Sliced Veal with Espelette Peppers Axoa Lamb with Espelette Pepper <Photo by Harald Zoschke Some varieties of chile peppers are given treasured status in certain regions of the world, where they are celebrated in art, legend, the kitchen, and festivals. Paprika has such status in Hungary, the jalapeño in Laredo, …

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Pimentón: The Smoked Chile Powder from La Vera, Spain

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by Dave DeWitt Recipe Index Spanish Chorizo with Pimentón Pimentón Garlic Soup Grilled Tuna Steaks with Salsa Pimentón Everyone knows that Columbus carried chile peppers to Spain from the New World on his second voyage in 1493, but who first used the pods for flavoring food? José Guerra, writing in “Foods from Spain News,” speculates that monks at the Monastery …