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By Gwyneth Doland Recipes: Braised Pork Shoulder with Tomatoes, Cumin, and Chipotle Chipotle- and Citrus-marinated Pork Tenderloin Posole A Guide to Today’s Pork, from Enhanced Meats to Heritage Breeds Pork isn’t what it used to be. Over the last 50 years, dramatic changes in farm practices and consumer demand have radically transformed the roasts in our supermarkets and the chops …

Posole (Pork and Posole Corn)

Posole (Pork and Posole Corn)

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This dish is traditionally served during the Christmas season in New Mexico, when a pot simmering at the back of the stove provides a welcoming fare for holiday well-wishers. I can’t remember any holiday party or dinner that I’ve attended that this stew hasn’t been served. At my house this is a staple on Christmas Eve. I always have a pot ready to warm my husband and I up after strolling Old Town and enjoying the luminarias. Similar to, yet different from the “pozole” served in Mexico, this popular dish is served as a soup, a main course, or a vegetable side dish. Posole, the processed corn, is the main ingredient of this dish of the same name. If posole corn is not available, you may substitute hominy–the taste won’t be the same, but it will still be good.

Red Chile Sauce

New Mexico Red Chile Sauce

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The chiles that are traditionally used for Chile Colorado (red chile sauce) are the ones that are plucked off the ristras. Ristras, those strings of dried chiles that adorn houses in New Mexico are not just for decoration they are used for cooking also. This is a basic sauce that is used in any Southwestern recipe that calls for a red sauce such as enchiladas or tamales or as in the above recipe for Posole.

A Chile-Blessed Christmas Around the World

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By Nancy Gerlach, Fiery Foods & Barbecue Central Food Editor Emeritus Editor’s Note: Nancy Gerlach and her husband Jeff retired a few years ago and now live in Yucatan, Mexico. The illustration at left is by Cyd Riley. Recipes: Posole (Pork and Posole Corn) Glazed Gammon (South African Glazed Ham) Jamaican Rice and Peas Linguine con le Vongole (Linguine with …