Ice Cream Penguin

Paletas (Mexican Frozen Fruit Bars)

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By Nancy Gerlach, Food Editor Emeritus The Ice Cream Penguin selling paletas at the beach The summer season here in Chelem Puerto, Mexico is officially over and what a crazy past few months it’s been. Our normally quiet and deserted beach was invaded by hordes of Mexican families that came to escape the heat and humidity of Merida and other …

The Habaneros of Yucatán

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Habanero Growing Systems Article and Photos by Dr. Tomas Gonzalez Estrada Edited by Dave DeWitt Editor’s Note: Dr. Gonzalez is a researcher and habanero breeder at the Scientific Research Center of Yucatán (CICY) in the city of Merida. The center, in addition to habanero research, investigates and improves the cultivation of other crops as well, including coconuts, coffee, bananas, and …