How Long to Keep Salmon

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Hello Dr. BBQ,

Thank you for your latest book–Road Trip. This cooking companion is the greatest cookbook I have in my arsenal! I have a question about the Honey Maple Brined Salmon from Chef McPeake. This will be my third time for this smoked salmon which is our favorite so far. How long can you keep this salmon refrigerated after smoking if you vacuum pack? Also, can you freeze this smoked salmon after vacuum packing and still have the great taste and texture? I’ll be smoking in the Egg today and just thought I could get your opinion. I want to take some down for Christmas to my son and his family. Thank you for the great inspiration you have given me through your recipes from the “barbecue trail”

Smokin” Blues

Hi Jeff,

I figured the best thing to do was ask Chef McPeake directly so that’s what I did. Thanks to him for helping out. Here’s his response. “Glad to hear you enjoy this recipe, it is the one I use for classes and it is always a HUGE hit! There are many more Seafood recipes in my BACKYARD BBQ: The Art of Smokology cookbook! I have kept the salmon up to two weeks, in a stable temperature controlled refrigerator. The freshness of the product and cooling down procedure are very important to the shelf life. Fresher product, proper handling, proper cooling, leads to longer time. I would recommend freezing if you want to hold it longer than 2 weeks. Yes you can freeze it. Make sure to thaw it out properly, over time, allowing the salmon to thaw under refrigeration, out of the cryovac. This helps the product from getting damp or wet during thawing. I usually thaw it on a tray with a cooling rack to lift the product out of any moisture that is created.”



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