Nothing Wrong with “Set It and Forget It” Cookers

Jackson Ortega-Scheiner Rubs/Sauces/Marinades Leave a Comment

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Hi Dr.BBQ,

I have a question for you about competitions. I know that you cook on the Egg, so I was wondering about your feelings about what I call “the set it and forget it cookers” like the Fast Eddy and the Tragers. Do you feel that competition cooking should be done only on charcoal and wood? I am not being a cry baby–we have done well on our wood smoker but I do notice the set it and forget it crowd always seems to not be tired and they’re winning all the time.


Hi Bill,

Actually I’m a fan of all the “set it and forget it” cookers and have owned many of them. My first was a Jedmaster which burns charcoal, and as you said I currently cook on a Big Green Egg which also does. I have owned a couple Traegers and currently have a FEC100 in my trailer. There are many more with similar capabilities. While I might agree that tending the fire is not a big part of cooking with these, I don’t know where you would draw the line to make them illegal. My Egg is ceramic and has two vents. Is that illegal? The pellet cookers burn 100 percent wood for fuel and the only thing that’s automated is the delivery system. Maybe it was a mistake, but KCBS allowed them years ago and it’s too late to turn back now. Besides, if the cooks didn’t like them you wouldn’t see so many of them out there. BTW, they may do well week in and week out, but the KCBS Team Of The Year is regularly won by a wood burner. If we really want to go traditional, then charcoal, steel cookers, air control devices and any other modern day conveniences have to be outlawed. We’ll be out there in loincloths cooking in a hole in the ground and that doesn’t sound good to me.



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