Maurizio & Luisa (Ca’ d’Alfieri)

Fiery Adventures at Ca’ d’Alfieri, Italy

Harald Zoschke Europe Leave a Comment

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Eingangsschild Ca’ d’Alfieri Hauptgebäude

You know you’re there when you see the Ca’ d’Alfieri sign (Ca’ is a customary abbreviation for Casa, meaning house). During renovation of the 130-year-old house, particular attention was paid to recycling of original and traditional materials of the house and the surroundings. The old stables have been transformed into a large dining room that can hold up to 30 people. The main house also has four elegant double bedrooms and a hayloft suite, all with the original rock walls exposed and tastefully furnished. The restored and renovated villa has been open since summer 2005.

Blick aus einem der Zimmer Korridor Kamin im gemütlichen Gemeinschaftsraum

Above the view into one of the rooms (the porcelain washbasin is just decorative—of course they all have real bathrooms!), the castle-like hallway, and a cozy fireplace. Our favorite, though, is a separate building,  “La Casella” (meaning “small house”). Back then, it was used to dry sweet chestnuts, now it houses a cozy little room with a wood stove downstairs and a bedroom upstairs.

La Casella La Casella unten La Casella oben


Heidi träumt...

Typically visitors are greeted by Heidi, the
friendly and playful Bernese Mountain Dog

Out in the Countryside

Those who don’t mind a little walk can check out the Ca’ d’Alfieri greenhouses. While some of the houses are dedicated to traditional veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant, others are dedicated to peppers—lots of them!

Gewächshäuser Harald inspiziert seine Chilis

Aside from growing produce for their own products, this is one of the various places in Europe where all sorts of chiles are exclusively grown for Suncoast Peppers and their high quality Pepperworld products. Here’s me, checking the crop. More regarding peppers further down. But first, let’s keep on exploring the farm.

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